Uncrackable Authentication

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Forticode (formerly "SteelPlatez") is an unhackable identity authentication system

It can protect Point of Sale Terminals, ATM's, Card Not Present Transactions, online banking applications and secure areas from hack attempts.

It is proof against malware, key loggers, network snoopers, spy cameras and other intrusive devices.

It neither uses nor stores credit card information nor user details, thus making database theft a waste of time for the hacker.

It is hack-proof because the user neither enters, nor transmits any useful data. Just unrepeatable, irreversible metadata.

If a hacker intercepts the metadata at any point, he will have acquired random garbage, which never repeats, so pattern detection hack tools, or stochastic filters will produce more garbage.

For applications such as credit card authentication, where tens of millions of users must be authenticated, a stand-alone authentication engine can be deployed, which interfaces simply to the credit card company's own database, providing unhackable protection of user details.

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