Design Simulation Systems Ltd

Thanks to our IDS, it's business as usual, despite an twelfth week of a continuous DDoS attack by some cybervermin, too stupid to notice that there is no SYN/ACK amplification...

(Failed) Attempted Hacks on this Site

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Albert Einstein

"Stupidity: Thinking this doesn't apply to your dumb hack scripts"

Not all IDS / IPS are created equal

These are the tombstones of dead botnet zombies.

Every hack attempt is one dead botnet zombie. Total to-date: 119481

By identifying an incoming query as a hack attempt, our content-based IPS makes our site immune to these mindless parasites. No need to constantly update ever-changing blacklists or whitelists and, as a bonus, each IP address has been reported to the ISP, resulting in a cancellation of the account, or a removal of the malware, or both. Either way, it's one less mindless parasite on the Internet.

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