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It's noticable that the cyber-filth have crawled out from under their rocks, to profit from the world's misfortunes by intensifying their hack attacks. Our hope is that they become early victims of the pandemic. By the way, 90% of the hack activity is aimed at Wordpress vulnerabilities, so we trust you guys are up to date with your patches...

Thanks to our IDS, it's business as usual, despite many months of continuous DDoS attack by some cybervermin, too stupid to notice that there is no SYN/ACK amplification. See the quote from Einstein, below.

Next, a message to the half-wit trying to hack WordPress: We don't use it, stupid, so stop embarrassing yourself with your incompetence. And tell the other moron trying GET requests on cgi-bin, that if it didn't work the first time, it won't work however often you try it.
Forgot to mention: your POST queries don't work either, so if you don't understand 'HTTP 400', you're incompetent as well as stupid. See quote from Einstein.
Also, we'll have to include the cretin who thinks that sending the same useless block of hexadecimal rubbish will work better if it comes from a dozen different IP addresses. It won't. See quote from Einstein.

Finally, a message to the brain-dead moron, who's been trying to hack this site since 2012: Get a life! (See quote)

(Failed) Attempted Hacks on this Site

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein

"Stupidity: Thinking this doesn't apply to your dumb hack scripts"

Not all IDS / IPS are created equal

These are the tombstones of dead botnet zombies.

Every hack attempt is one dead botnet zombie. Total to-date: 131481

By identifying an incoming query as a hack attempt, our content-based IPS makes our site immune to these mindless parasites. No need to constantly update ever-changing blacklists or whitelists and, as a bonus, each IP address has been reported to the ISP, resulting in a cancellation of the account, or a removal of the malware, or both. Either way, it's one less piece of parasitic cyber-filth on the Internet.

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