Interactive SSO Demo

Croesus & Midas sell diamonds.

Because of the value of their products, they only sell to registered customers, each of whom needs to be authenticated before access is granted to the details and prices of the products.

The diamonds are sold from four different stores, each of which only sells one colour

The four stores sell Red, Green, Blue and White diamonds respectively.

To make things easy for their many customers, Croesus & Midas permit a single password to give access to more than one store.

The login details for the stores are:

If, for example, you login to to the store selling Red Diamonds, you may, having made your purchase, return to the stores page and select any of the Green or Blue stores without having to authenticate again.

However if, having logged in to any of the Red, Green or Blue stores, you return to the stores page, and wish to login to the White store, you will be logged out of the Red. Green or Blue stores, and will have to re-enter your password to access them.

Recognising that some merchants will need to simultaneously purchase product from two single sign-on groups, Croesus & Midas will permit the same merchant to do so from two separate browser tabs. In other words, if a merchant logs in to the Red, Green or Blue stores in one tab, he may login to the White store in another tab.

However, if he tries to login to the same group from two tabs, his second login will be flagged as a tailgate attempt, and will fail.

The Device ID check has been disabled for this demo, since it wouldn't be practical to register every device on the planet and, for similar reasons, the GPS coordinate check has also been disabled.

The Demo Road Map

The demo begins with the stores page, which accepts a login to any of the four stores.

If you didn't arrive at this page by selecting a User ID from the list, you must first enter a valid User ID (of which you made a note?), then press any of the buttons below the four store icons.

If the entered User ID is valid, a challenge screen asks for a password to be entered

For those new to DSS Enterprise, you just spell the Password by tapping the upper or lower touch panels on the Challenge screen.

Now you have access to the inventory page for a given store, which will itemise the stock, together with descriptions and prices.

Selecting a diamond of a particular cut and weight will take you to the checkout

Tapping on your choice of credit card will complete the transaction

At this point, you have the option of another purchase from the same store, or you can choose any of the others in the same Single Sign-On group. Alternatively, you can select the White Diamond store, and re-authenticate.

Since you're logged in to a single sign-on app, you don't need to authenticate to other stores in the group. Try starting a different browser on the same computer or smartphone, and copying and pasting the store page to it. See if you can access the other stores in the group.

If you have access to another computer/smartphone, try logging in to the store you're currently logged in to.

Choose a User ID

Since this is an online application, more than one person may try to login to the same store, using the same user ID.

This would violate our security policy, as DSS Enterprise only permits a user a single login at a time to a given application, from a single device and IP address. It is assumed that a second login attempt is a tailgate attempt by a hacker.

To extend the number of users who can run this demo, the following UserID's are all registered to all four of the applications, which will enable 13 separate sessions to be active.

Either tap/click the User ID you wish to use, which will start the demo, or make a note of it and enter it by hand on the stores page, which appears when you select 'Run Demo' at the bottom of this page.

If you get an error message saying that the user is already logged in, try one of the other User ID's.

BBRXW0FBetsey Trotwood
C9ZI8QHCaddy Jellyby
DI8QGZPDavid Copperfield
ESI1R90Ebeneezer Scrooge
HJ1SA0JHarold Skimpole
J43QLBEJacob Marley
O2180LPOliver Twist
PSA1J9SPhil Squod
RMDVL4URichard Babley
S6PDXO6Seth Pecksniff
S8YH7P8Serjeant Buzfuz
W7XFV1EWilliam Clubber

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