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Want to see some failed hack attempts?

In the good old days, we used to hang highwaymen, and leave the rotting corpse in chains at the city gates. The following is the modern equivalent.

Here are the details of some of the 10,000 probes launched against this site by a hacker. You may wish to secure these items on your site...

Hacker probes

Here are 4500 attempts to hack PHP files on our site by another mindless parasite with no social life. Too bad we don't use PHP. You may also wish to secure these items on your site...

Attempts to hack PHP

Here are 11800 attempted PHP hacks launched against us by a botnet over the course of a couple of weeks. You may also wish to secure these items on your site...

Botnet Attempts to hack PHP

A new pestilence appears to be spreading around the world, apparently aimed at WiFi networks, from which the mindless parasites can attack targets, thinking they are anonymous. Obviously never heard of MAC addresses.... Here's a sample of Cross-protocol Exploits, to which your server needs to be immune. The hack tries to get apache to execute Intel machine code on your server. Best defence is to only accept http or https protocols.

Botnet Attempts Cross-protocol hack with shellcode

The newest pestilence is the much-feared GNU bash bug. On the bright side, the version of bash distributed with Solaris, doesn't suffer from these problems.

If you need to know the kind of hack against which you should be defending, this file contains those that have dashed their brains out on our defences, to date.I'll keep this file updated, as more parasites try their luck.

Bash Hack Attempts

In case you don't have time for a virus scan, here are the very latest malware files, which you may want to remove

Malware Files

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