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This stuff has nothing whatever to do with analog simulation, but is, basically, a course I ran for a large bank, to show them how I'd managed to extract data from database tables with over 200 million rows (in the smallest...). Previously, they'd taken three days, and now it was only taking 40 minutes. There's also a bit of stuff on queuing, in case you don't want to pay the MQ licence.

The Unix Kernel - not for the faint of heart
Elementary In-Memory Database Design
Advanced In-Memory Database Design
Dynamic Memory Allocation - definitely not for the faint of heart
Signals and interrupt handlers
Multithreading for pleasure and profit
Interprocess Communication with Shared Memory
Interprocess Communication with TCP/IP
Interprocess Communication with pipes
Machine code - instead of predicates
Hash tables, b-trees - instead of joins
Basic Queue Design
Advanced Queue Design
Software design for sensitive applications
Here's a case study to see if you understood any of it

Security Article Downloads

This stuff also has nothing whatever to do with analog simulation, but is a collection of articles previously published on Linkedin and other such places, mainly to annoy the other members.

A really good content-based IDS/IPS. Drop me a line if you would like to try it
Before you invest in an authentication system, ask yourself the cost of the project you'll need to implement.
A smart-ass criticism of the security measures (not) employed by JP Morgan et al, which resulted in hackers running off with their family jewels.
A cheap way of implementing public key exchange, using the Diffie-Hellman method, between trusted hosts.

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